Sunday, 27 June 2010

The England-Germany Magic Sunglasses

Having no interest whatsoever in football, I thought I would have the streets and shops almost entirely to myself this afternoon; myself, a handful of women, and the odd ageing queen.

God, how I misunderstood that situation - in Manchester the England-Germany game filtered out most of the humans and left the streets populated largely with the Robot-Slaves of the Death God in their beards and burkas, with their swarming grubs and no crowd to hide amongst.

It was like that moment in "THEY LIVE" when John Nada puts on the sunglasses he's found and can suddenly see how many alien invaders there are on the streets.

So as quickly as I could I walked to the bus stop, past Cafe Italia Halal, Chico's Mexican Halal, the Abergeldie Halal, Kebabish Halal, and Zorba's Greek Deli Halal and got out of the Hellmouth that was once central Manchester.

Should the Great Correction ever come it will have to be deep, thorough, and complete.

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