Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cockwatch continued

I was woken up today by rolling onto a  healthy morning glory which deflated as soon as I realised it was there.

Baffling - as if my something in my waking mind wants it not to work.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Three Synchronicities and a Memory

Very weird day: three synchronicities

  • I'd been unable to find a suitable photo of an owl in any of my own reference material but wanted to draw the knicker owl - Ian's original idea- in my couple of hours at that stART project. I went in there, looked through their minimal library, found one book on birds and opened it at random on the only pair of pages in the entire book depicting owls, with a perfect reference photo.
  • At home I bagged up some spilled papers only to find a transcript of John S's diary for 5th May 1981
  • I put my recently bought CD of Philip Glass's "Glassworks" on my portable player and simultaneously amongst the spilled papers found one side of a letter to Ian from 1983 where I was recommending the vinyl LP of Philip Glass's "Glassworks".
Separately, in the Class today, the radio was tuned to a local pop station playing 60s hits. "(I Wish I Was) Bobby's Girl" came on and I remembered it playing on a quite day in the 3rd Year when John G wasn't in, and Lorraine saying "I love this. I wish my name was Roberta" and then looking slyly at me and saying "I wish I was Bobby's girl".

When I remembered it today I fell sick and vertiginous.

I also found the recent photo-booth photos I got for my driving licence - looking at them, bald, fat, old, double chin and all, I don't look so bad. Not the face I'd been taught to loathe.

I'm starting to feel sure that my life has been wasted because of a small chain of things I misunderstood or misperceived. Today was a bit like doing the blog last year, when things I'd forgotten rose unbidden from my memory nearly every day, sometimes several times a day.

As I said, a weird day.